A toothache is one of the most severe and nerve-racking pains you can ever experience, and unfortunately one of the most common.

While your first solution is probably taking whatever painkiller you have in your home, or making an appointment with your dentist, it’s always better if you could just remove that throbbing pain quickly and effectively without waiting for your dentist’s appointment, and use nothing but natural ingredients.

You wonder how? The answer is simple – garlic!


This vegetable is one of the healthiest foods on the Planet, containing a unique combination of sulfur-containing nutrients and flavonoids which make it an effective natural remedy. These unique combinations work in few different ways to treat an infected tooth, or tooth abscess. Garlic has been suggested as an effective remedy for treating toothaches even in Avicenna A.’s book ‘The Canon of Medicine’.

By lowering the inflammation, garlic will also relieve the tooth pain. So, besides providing an effective toothache relief, garlic will as well correct the condition as it helps eliminate the infection.

How to Use Garlic for Toothache and Abscess

We present you three natural ways to reduce your toothache using garlic.

1. The first way to use garlic for relieving your severe toothache or tooth infection is just chewing a raw, peeled garlic clove. Make sure it’s rinsed in warm water if your teeth are sensitive to cold. As you chew, you’ll get a natural numbing sensation in your mouth, and the pain will gradually subside.

Chew the clove until your pain is gone, or significantly reduced. After that, spit out the garlic, and rinse with warm water. To freshen your breath, drink some water mixed with few drops of peppermint essential oil.

2. The second way to alleviate your toothache with this natural ingredient is as simple as the first one. Just cut a sliver of raw, peeled garlic, and hold it on your affected tooth with gentle pressure. Hold it for several minutes, chew it and then swallow it.

It’s ok to spit it out if the taste is too strong for you. Repeat this treatment few times a day, and after 2-3 days your pain will be significantly reduced.

3. The third way to get a quick toothache relief is applying a combination of some garlic powder or a crushed garlic clove with some black salt or table salt directly onto the affected tooth. You can repeat the treatment for several days as it is completely safe.

So, the next time you or someone else wonders “How do you stop toothache?”, remind yourself of garlic and these simple natural treatments.

Via Earth Clinic | Top 10 Home Remedies