When two individuals love each other unconditionally, without any motives of changing one another, they eventually become better persons.

Partners who are driven by true love never set any conditions. They are able to accept their partner as they are. Instead of focusing on their partner’s flaws and imperfections, they always focus on their good aspects only.

Truth be told, most of us have found ourselves in a situation in which we were driven by motives rather than true love, making up an ideal partner in our heads, then projecting them on some person and falling in love with them.

But, the idea that we can take control over a person and eliminate their imperfections is really wrong. Instead of trying to change your partner, let your love come naturally without thinking about it. As time passes by, you will realize that both of you are changing to the better.

Don’t forget that the change needs to start with you, just like everything else. You should expect to receive as much as you give.

Loving each other unconditionally will give you motivation to become the best version of yourselves. Your partner will become exactly what you deserve and vice versa.

You will not force anything; you will just go with the flow. You will never oblige each other to become something you are not. You will be there for each other and the change will come naturally from within.

You will soon learn the need of sacrificing your wants for the benefits of others. When you love each other unconditionally, it won’t be a problem for both of you to sacrifice a temporary want for the good of your relationship and for mutual wellbeing.

Your love will be pure, strong and passionate. To love unconditionally means loving with your whole heart and soul. It means loving when your partner is sick, depressed, in a bad mood or unlovable.

You will love your partner despite of his/her imperfections and flaws. Nobody is perfect, and loving unconditionally means that you understand that they can fail. And when they do fail, you won’t blame them for that, but you will forgive them instead.

Nowadays, you can rarely find this type of love, but the first step of finding it is beginning from yourself. If we want to love others, we have to learn how to love ourselves first. The way we behave towards ourselves is the way we will allow others to behave towards us.

So, all we need to do is love ourselves unconditionally and accept ourselves as we are, with all our weaknesses, failures and mistakes. Self-respect and self-love is the path that will lead us to the ability of giving and receiving unconditional love.

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