Here’s Why You Should Never Take Your Phone into the Toilet with You

A lot of people do this rather unhygienic habit every day, and you’re probably one of them, right?

We don’t judge you as the time spent on the toilet is practically dead time, so you have to find some accompanying activity, but what we like to point out is why taking your phone with you during this private moment in the dirtiest room in your house is a big no-no. Not mentioning the public bathrooms.

The only time taking your phone into the toilet with you is safe, is when it stays in your bag or pocket during the whole time spent there, and not touching it until you’ve washed your hands.

In all other cases, it’s not. You want to know why?

Well, according to the germ experts Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., and Charles Gerba Ph.D., bathrooms are covered in pathogens, germs, and bacteria, mostly from feces. So, when you flush the toilet, water with urine and fecal matter sprays about 6 feet in every direction.

This means that not only the toilet bowl, but everything near it is contaminated, including the toilet paper dispenser, toilet roll holders, the faucet, flush lever or the door handles.

So, by touching any item in the bathroom, especially in public ones, you are actually getting all bacteria and germs on your hands. And, if you don’t wash your hands before touching your phone, you will transfer them onto it. S

o, even if you do wash them afterwards, sooner or later you’ll take the phone in your hands and return all the bacteria onto your hands once again.

Disgusting but true, many people don’t even wash their hands after using the bathroom. You can imagine how much this unhygienic habit increases the risk of transferring fecal contamination and viruses.

These people will undoubtedly use their phone soon, if not done already while sitting on the toilet bowl.

How to Protect from Fecal Contamination

The answer is simple, do not take your phone with you in the toilet! Although this might be the time to check your email or Facebook notifications, it’s time to stop and return your phone after getting the job done.

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