Another year goes by, and here it is – the last day of the year. Some of you will spend it in preparations for the craziest night of the year, while others will just relax and rest in their cozy home, away from the cold. No matter what you decide to do, take just 30 minutes of your time to do the 2 following things.

First, make a list of all the significant things that happened in your life during this year. Think about all the things that have changed your life somehow. Even if they look like the smallest things, they might have changed your personality, point of view, or your everyday life.

What To Do on the Last Day of the Year?

That might be even quitting an annoying habit, like biting your nails. Yes, you succeeded to overcome your inner desire to bite those nails, and realized your self-control is much stronger than you thought it was. Maybe you’ve succeeded to go on that trip you have always dreamed of, so that’s one fulfilled wish that shows you’re actually doing something for yourself.

But, the list can also include some unfortunate events, as they too might have changed your personality in some way. Just make that list and write down or think of anything that have made this 2016 unique. This will help you appreciate everything you had this year, and everything you’ve done throughout the year. It will open your eyes that you’re actually doing something, even though you might have thought it was a year just like any other.

Well, it’s not. In the past 365 days there were all sorts of things and events that in this or that way helped you learn or do something new, and changed or shaped your character to some point. You’re not the same person as in the beginning of the year, that’s for sure!

Now, once you’re done, it’s time to do another list of new year’s resolutions. This one will include all your major wishes and plans for the next year. This will help you set new goals and challenges that you should strive to complete by the end of the next year. Throughout the year, remind yourself of this list, and feel free to add new things all the time.

We hope you had a great year, and we wish all your wishes and plans for 2017 come true!

What do you think of this idea? If you have any other plan for the last day of the year, feel free to share with us in the comments below!