10 Freaky Ingredients Found in McDonald’s Food That Will Make You Sick

You probably know that fast food is bad for your health. However, are you ready to discover how bad it really is?

This especially refers to the most popular fast food brand in the world – McDonald’s. The reason for this is because McDonald’s food contains toxic ingredients you can’t even imagine.

They can cause some serious health problems, so after reading this post you’ll think twice before ordering your next Big Mac.

List of 10 Toxic Ingredients Hidden in McDonald’s Food

10 Freaky Ingredients Found in McDonald’s Food That Will Make You Sick

1. Ammonium Sulfate

This inorganic salt is used as a flame retardant and a fertilizer. Also, it’s found in the popular Roundup herbicide manufactured by Monsanto. Apparently, this ingredient is also included in McDonald’s burger bun.

Ammonium sulfate is linked to diarrhea, hormone disruption, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, and nausea.

2. Silicone Oil

Did you know chicken nuggets contain silicone oil, also called dimethylpolysiloxane? This synthetic non-biodegradable oil is used in the production of caulking, contact lenses, lubricants, and silly putty.

What’s more, the use of silicone oil in breast implants has been reduced due to safety concerns.

3. L-Cysteine

This amino acid is produced by hydrolysis of hog hair or duck feathers. It’s used to soften bread and pastries and also to flavor meat. Its consumption has been related to diarrhea, constipation, fever, rashes, vomiting, drowsiness, headaches, liver issues, and low blood pressure.

4. Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)

This additive is based on petroleum and it’s usually found in many cosmetic products. However, it is also included in 18 different products in McDonald’s menu.

Even though the FDA has classified TBHQ as safe for human consumption, it is known that using it for too long can lead to aggravation of stomach cancer, ADHD symptoms, DNA damage, and even death.

5. Propylene Glycol

This ingredient is usually found in e-cigarettes, anti-freeze, and fast food. Its consumption is related to central nervous system damage, and aggravated allergies and skin and eye conditions.

6. Prescription Drugs

A group of researchers at the John Hopkins University discovered dangerous levels of antidepressants as well as other over-the-counter, prescription, and banned medication in chicken feed and chicken products in many fast food restaurants.

The chicken products in McDonald’s probably contain traces of antibiotics or other medication since this chain of fast food doesn’t use organic chicken.

7. Dimethylpolysiloxane

McDonald’s use cooking oils that contain dimethylpolysiloxane for the production of their chicken nuggets, fillet-o-fish, and French fries.

This chemical can also be found in shampoos and conditioners, silly putty, breast implants, contact lenses, heat resistant tiles, polishes, caulking, and cosmetics.

8. Carminic acid

This ingredient is the red coloring agent in carmine. Fast food producers often include it to their meats to give them more fresh and appealing color.

But, according to the FDA this ingredient can cause allergic reaction in some people. Therefore, it requires a clear identification of carminic acid in the list of ingredients.

9. Cellulose

Although this natural ingredient is produced from wood pulp, you definitely don’t want eating plenty of indigestible wood fibers. But, most fast food brands use cellulose to add volume to their products. You can find it in salad dressing, cheese, strawberry syrup, muffins, etc.

10. Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide is also known as industrial sand or silica. It is mostly used in the production of optical fibers, glass, and cement. However, it is also added in sauces and meat in fast food restaurants to prevent them from clumping together.

Workers who are in touch with this ingredient wear masks and hazmat suits as a safety measure. Still, the FDA doesn’t say anything and allows it to be included in your burger bin.

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