A woman named Audrey had to go to the hospital to have some tests done, but being a single mother she needed someone to watch her 3 kids while there.

Her neighbor Tisha agreed to take her kids for the night, although she and her husband Kevin have 5 kids, so they were living in a house which was already too small for their family of seven.

Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids. Comes Home To Find Home Completely Changed!

The results of Audrey’s tests showed she had stage two stomach and esophageal cancer. Knowing her time is running out, Audrey was desperate to find someone who could take care of her 3 kids.

Soon, she asked Tisha to become the legal guardian of her kids. She and her husband agreed without thinking, even though they are living in a modest home and Tisha working as a Las Vegas bingo cashier.

These good people opened their hearts and home for the 3 kids of Audrey, and agreed to take care of them. Soon, Audrey passed away.

Even though Audrey and Tisha didn’t know each other too well, this didn’t stop Tisha to welcome her kids and help them cope with the death of their mother. Tisha keeps on saying that she did what every mother would’ve done in her position.

The kindness and selflessness of these people was notices and rewarded by the FOX5 Surprise Squad.

See how they helped this family of ten to support Tisha and Kevin’s care for all of their kids in the video below. Once this story went out, more people showed up to support this rare act of kindness.


Via David Wolfe | FOX 5 Las Vegas | Inspire More