Some women are simply strong and independent, walking around with an aura of intimidation. They are those alfa women who are full of confidence, ambitions, and they are proud of that.

They like to be in charge, but for some, that can be too intimidating, especially for their romantic partner. Their partner can have hard time finding a place in a relationship with such strong woman.


She needs the following things in order to stay in a healthy, and long relationship.

1. She Needs to Be Respected

She will treat you with respect, and she’ll expect the same from you. An alpha woman respects herself as she is confident, so she won’t let anyone look down on her. You need to respect and trust her decisions.

2. She Needs to Be Challenged

Her partner needs to challenge her as she seeks excitement in a relationship. An alpha woman needs a partner who’s not afraid of some harmless and friendly competition, and who could hold their own.

3. She Needs Her Independence

An alpha woman needs independence. She works hard to achieve what she wants, and she doesn’t wait for someone to give her a motivation. Although she may enjoy being in a relationship, an alpha woman will also expect to maintain her independence. Her partner should respect her boundaries and let her make decisions on her won.

4. She Needs Someone Who Is Trustworthy

Trust is foundation of any healthy relationship, and this woman knows that. Although she might appear strong and holding things together all the time, there are periods she will let her gourd down revealing her vulnerability. Her partner should be trustworthy, someone she could share her dreams, hopes, and feelings with.

5. She Needs Someone Who Is Willing To Call Her Out

Her opinionated and strong character doesn’t mean she is always right. Her partner needs to have confidence and be secure enough to call her out on some occasions. Someone to remind her it’s normal to make mistakes as she is not perfect, since no one is. A partner who can reel back her in when she loses focus and gets distracted.

6. She Needs Someone Who Can Keep Up

This type of woman always has an agenda. She’s not afraid of hard work and is often running at full speed. Her partner shouldn’t be afraid of an intense environment and needs to keep up with her busy lifestyle.

7. She Needs to Laugh

The always on the go alpha woman needs a partner who can balance out her life. Someone who can make her laugh and keep her smile on her face to reduce her stress.

Via David Wolfe | Power of Positivity | Elite Daily